Darcis Chocolatier, one of Belgium's luxury chocolate brands, was born in Verviers, an eastern city in Belgium.  It was founded by Jean Philippe Darcis, who grew up in Belgium, the kingdom of chocolate.  Jean mixes delicate chocolate, a variety of ice cream and fruit smoothies like a magician and at the same time, applies his expertise in the field of chocolate to combine the traditional Belgian craftsmanship and creativity to design many rich, surprising and unique flavors.  Every taste is a wonderful feast for your taste buds.


Jean Philippe Darcis won the highest honor in Prosper Montagne in 2001 and was awarded a lifetime achievement award as a Belgian chocolate ambassador.  In 2002, he won a gold medal in the chocolate group of Las Vegas World Dessert Championship.  To date, he is committed to extending the business of Darcis worldwide and designing a variety of creative products based on seasons and tastes of international markets to serve chocolate lovers around the world.


People nowadays are always busy at work and life.  Reward yourselves with a treat of Darcis chocolate after hard work.  The creamy and rich quality chocolate melts right in our mouth, soothing our stressed emotions and bringing more energy.